Simon Hunter:

spanish guitar and banjo.

My quest began in the 60's when I was born inside Doncaster. I don't remember them but, I was there. When my parents grew up they called me, and I became Shunt, Son of Ken. One day whilst torturing Sooty the guitar struck a chord, and I was hooked. Then came the 70's but, I had to give up... there simply were'nt enough notes. The 80's arrived, and it was then whilst listening to "making your mind up", that I realised cottage cheese was not for me. I soon left the shores of blighty bound for whatever exciting times lay ahead. I slaughtered goats in Matabeleland, peeled durians in Bangkok, became a suction master in Bendigo, and finally a buckwheat breeder in Krakov. The authorities finally caught up with me, and I've been detained in Shrewsbury ever since. My ambition is to turn into a leopard.